Be A Clear and Open Channel for the Light! 

Work 1 to 1 with Elaina (60 min, Zoom/phone session)

Why do a 1 to 1 session? 

  • Get direct guidance from Your HigherSelf and Spirit Guides
  • Personalized recommendations to optimize your spiritual gifts.
  • Fine-tune your daily spiritual practice to support your highest good
  • Individual, focused, specific guidance for the Highly Sensitive Empath
  • You've been doing group webinars, but can't seem to apply them to YOU
  • Find your "sticking points" (why you're feeling stuck, overwhelmed, chaotic) and how to move forward. 
  • Prepare for our in-depth courses

If you are looking for personal guidance from your HigherSelf and your Spirit Guides, this is the perfect choice! These days there is so much information out there that it's often difficult to figure out what actually applies to you. I can help you sort this out and learn to connect with your inner guidance, giving you tools and information to help you move along your SoulPath.

Together, we will look at the areas of your life where you want to grow, develop a plan to shift what needs to be shifted, let go of what's ready to go, and nurture your innate spiritual gifts and intuition. You get to choose your focus (such as developing your spiritual gifts, your well-being, your spiritual practice, or relationships) of each session. My superpower is being able to see the energy of the situation, and help you develop a plan to Create the Life of Your Dreams! 

This is the place to schedule a single 1 to 1 session, 60 minutes, via Zoom or phone, with Elaina. If you are interested in other types of sessions, see all the options here

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 1 to 1 Session with Elaina Geltner (60 minutes, Zoom/phone session)
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